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General Asked Questions

  • Can you claim roof repair on insurance?
    While insurance policies can cover some costs of roof repairs, it is rare for full coverage to be provided. However, if the roof was in excellent condition before the damage occurred and the cause of damage is covered by the policy, full coverage may be given.
  • Does landscaping add value to the house?
    Numerous pieces of evidence suggest that a properly planned and embellished garden could enhance the value of a house and expedite its sale. A pleasant garden can augment a home's price by up to 20%. As per certain sources, investing £1000 in landscaping can potentially increase a property's value by £2000.
  • How much does roof repair cost?
    The price of repairing a roof can fluctuate significantly due to various factors such as the roof's size and material. If you're considering roof repairs, the most sensible approach is to contact us to schedule a roof assessment, and we'll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.
  • How much are gutter repairs?
    The cost of gutter repairs tends to vary less than roof repairs, however the only way to tell will be to contact us today and organise a free assessment from one of our expertly trained team.
  • What is the best time of year to hire a landscaper?
    Certain aspects of landscaping projects may be more suitable for specific times of the year, but we typically carry out work throughout the year. It's crucial to keep in mind that reputable landscaping companies are in high demand, we usually require a lead time of three to six months to schedule a project.
  • What options are available if I need to reroof?
    There are two options available: You can either opt for a complete replacement of your roof system, by completely removing your roofing system, or alternatively you can simply cover the existing roof with a new roofing system. Generally, you will need to check with a professional as you are usually only allowed one re-cover before you need a complete replacement.
  • How long can I expect my roof to last?
    While most roofing systems are expected to last around 20 years, some materials like slate, clay tile, and various metals can last much longer. Choosing the highest quality materials from a professional roofing contractor can significantly extend the lifespan of your roof. Additionally, it is advisable to look for a roofing contractor who offers a warranty to ensure that you are covered in the event of any future damages to your roof.
  • If my roof is damaged, can I carry out the repair work myself?
    Unfortunately, most roof repair work should not be carried out by yourself. There is a reason that professional roofing contractors are trained to quickly and safely repair or replace roofing systems. Improper techniques can result in injuries as well as more damage to your roof. If, for some reason, you need to assess your roof yourself it is important that you use a firmly secured and braced ladder with rubber safety feet to ensure that you are safe. Having someone to help you is also essential. You should also wear rubber-soles for much needed grip while climbing the ladder.
  • How much does landscaping / a garden makeover cost?
    The cost of landscaping or a garden makeover can vary significantly depending on various factors. These may include the size of the garden, the extent of the work required, the materials used, and the level of expertise of the professionals involved. This question is frequently posed to us, and similar to determining the cost of a house or a car, it's equally challenging to provide an answer without understanding the context. The price is contingent upon factors such as the dimensions, intricacy of the design, and the materials utilized.
  • Will a flat roof allow rain to run off it?
    A flat roof will actually generally be built with a very slight incline to allow any rain water to easily drain off of the roof into the gutter, so no water will build up on your roof. Our Fibreglass flat roofs are also a popular solution for draining rain water int the gutter.
  • What landscaping services do you provide?
    We provide a range of complex services beginning from conceptual design to landscape construction, including:

    Garden and Planting design
    Driveway construction
    Turf and Artificial Grass installation
    Walls and Planters construction
    Patios, Decking and Paths installation
    Fencing installation
    Ponds and Water features
    Outdoor and Garden Lighting installation
    and more...
  • How will landscaping affect my neighbours?
    Our objective is to reduce any disruption caused by the ongoing work and, when necessary, inform your neighbors. Throughout the project, our team will ensure the site is safe and well-organized.